Our Story Speaks!

Starting Restore SA was no small feat but what a ride it has been. In 2018 our journey began through our partnership with the Marriot Hotel Group! Long story short, they invested and Danolene, our fearless visionary created a brand that offers our clients a fashionable dress but doing it in a more sustainable way! Starting with turning old bed sheets into our branded Laundry Bags now famously used in all Marriot hotels across South Africa and Africa! We have our own RestoreSA branded clothing and accessories as well as our reused, recycled and repurposed items from shopping and laundry bags to even sleepware! Nothing in our workshop goes to waste!

Lisa, our CEO steers our ship and Danolene our COO offers the vision and creativity! Together this team works to get our name out there Restoring South Africa one garment at a time!